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Reasons Why Electric Garage Door Opener Is The Best Buy In The Market

Is your garage door opener inefficient or starting to feel the age? Are you looking to change it? But, you may be wondering which garage door opener model to choose. You can buy an electric garage door of 8550w. This model is the best model of garage opener which is sure to last for ages.

The top features of 85550w electric door opener

Buyers looking for an efficient garage door opener can use an electric garage door using the internet technology and that which lasts for a long time. There are various reasons why an electric garage door opener is impressive:

  • The 8550w electric garage door opener is the quietest, which comes with DC motor. The DC motor door opener when compared to an AC motor opener will function quietly, start slowly and moves to normal speed gradually. Here there is no unnecessary noise or shaking. Instead of the chain to drive the motor forward, this garage door opener uses the rubber belt.
  • The electric garage door opener has a backup battery which allows the user to close and open the garage when there is no power supply. The battery backup is so strong that the garage may be opened or closed for at least 20 times on the go. The battery automatically gets charged when the power returns.
  • The garage door opener comes with the security features 2.0 system to keep you safe and secured. So, the signal from the remote will never be picked up by someone else. There is another feature, namely, timer-to-close feature which is meant for the time when you forget to close the garage. So, the user backs into the garage to pack the vehicle. The motion detector activates the opener lights when you move inside the garage through access door. So, no need to look for the control panel in order to turn on the garage lights.
  • Featuring Wi-Fi, the garage door opener allows the user to open the door with smart phone. Use your laptop, tablet computer to close the door. Thus, the electric garage door opener powered by 8550w is the latest in the communication technology. There is also an automated alert system to inform you if anyone else is using the garage door. The garage door can be opened remotely to give access to the one whom you trust.

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