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Garage Pros is more than just a name. Whether you need to replace or repair a garage door, we can provide quick and efficient residential and commercial services in Calgary in no time!

We take pride in the work we do in and around Calgary to repair and replace doors of all shapes and sizes. Our professional team is well versed in helping customers determine the best garage doors for their needs, 365 days a year, rain or shine. Let us solve your  door opener problems with quick , cost effective solutions.

Overhead doors do more than just protect your belongings. They add value to your property and can enhance or hinder the look and feel of your home and commercial property. They are comprised of complex materials such as cables, springs, rollers itself. Everything must run smoothly for a door to work correctly: we recommend visually inspecting your garage doors on a regular basis so make sure there are no issues with the functionality of the doors. If you happen to find something that looks out of place, give us a call - we’ll send a friendly and knowledgeable technician to ensure its is in perfect working order.

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 Emergency Service Garage Door Repairs and Garage Door Installation

You might wonder why there is a need for 24-hour service , but the truth is that homeowners and business owners come and go at all hours of the day and night, and Garage Pros understand that when something goes wrong, customers just want their it fixed as soon as possible. Imagine you are on your way to a night shift and your door breaks - you can’t leave all your belongings exposed all night waiting for a  service to show up in the morning. Call Us right away, and we’ll get it fixed pronto.

We Are Overhead Door repairs Experts

Regardless of make, model, components, and use, We assess the damage to your old one and make recommendations for fixing it. If we determine if it needs to be replaced, we’ll recommend suitable choice for you. Our professional  technicians can repair hinges, springs, section rollers, gears, wiring and safety beams on sight, so there’s no delay in getting it fixed. We can also help you find the best Opener for your needs

Whether you need commercial or residential services, we offer high-quality service that meet professional standards. Garage Pros is a leader in what we do  and replacement industry in Calgary and surrounding areas. Regardless of the style you want, Garage Pros can source a garage door and install it for you. Our excellent customer service and experienced professionals make it easy to do business with us.

When It’s Time For a New Door

Garage Pros will take care of all the details in overseeing the removal of the old unit, and the installation of your new one. We have thousands of designs, sizes, and materials to choose from so you can match your new one to your home design or warehouse facade. We’ll even haul away the old one and all the parts, so you don’t have to clean up the mess. You can start enjoying your new door right away. Most units can be installed in one day. We offer a wide variety of door opening devices suitable for a variety of uses, including in car openers and indoor openers.

We Offer More for Your Garage

When you contact Garage Pros, you’ll get much more than just access to the leading  door styles and latest opener technology; you get the trusted service of a professional installation and repair company in Calgary. When we repair and install overhead for residential homes and commercial properties, we guarantee our work.

Based on your choice, Garage Pros knowledgeable staff will be able to recommend thebest opener for your needs. Every garage door is a different size and weight, and it’s important to pair your new garage door with an opener that is powerful enough to manage the task of opening and closing the door with ease.

Our door openers provide the ultimate in power, reliability and are back by a direct drive system that makes opening and closing your garage doors a breeze. And if there is ever any problem, call us, and we’ll send a technician to your location in Calgary right away. We also offer garage door openers that have stand by technology, so when the power goes out, you can still open and close your garage door - an essential feature if you have valuables stored in your garage or warehouse

Our doors come in a variety of materials including steel, wood, aluminum, composite and more. We offer a variety of styles including panelled doors, doors with windows, doors with decorative detail and doors with single, double and triple layer construction to keep your belongings safe.

 Making Your Garage Doors Beautiful

When it comes to designing the outside of your home, some homeowners don’t give much thought to the  door. Typically,overhead doors are seen as utilitarian and are people tend to purchase the most inexpensive door they can find to serve the purpose of containing their belongings or vehicles from the elements. However, when you invest in a beautifully crafted and well-presented garage door, your garage becomes an extension of your home and can really add value and impact to the curb appeal of your home’s property. You choose the color, materials, style, and accents. We  can help you make your property look and feel more put together and stylish.

We  Offer Affordable Garage Door  Services

We are proud to be able to provide competitive pricing to our customers. We source the very best products and provide the very best services, and you’ll find our  service is affordable and flexible to suit your needs. We’ll do our best to ensure that your garage door can be fixed before we recommend replacement. We know you work hard for your money and we won’t advise on a new door until you want it, or it is necessary. Because our staff is highly trained in garage door repair, we can tackle many problems the other guys can’t. So, call us first to get it done right. Garage Pros offers regular specials to help save our customers money. Our services and products come guaranteed, and all new ones come backed by manufacturer warranties.

Contact Garage Pros Today

Whether you are just shopping around for ideas and prices, or you are ready to purchase a new garage door, don’t hesitate to contact our team of knowledgeable garage door professionals. If you have a problem with your existing garage door, we’ll be happy to assess the damage repair the garage door for you for an affordable price with no hassle. We look forward to hearing from you!


Thank you so much for the great job you did on the installation of my new overhead garage door. It feels like I have stepped into the 21st century. I could not have asked for a better job to be done. You guys completed the task in a timely manner and within my budget. I will gladly recommend you guys to everyone.


I called GaragePros Garage Doors for establishment of my new carport entryway. These folks are profoundly proficient, appeared on time with all the required apparatuses. Inside a couple of hours, I could see my new carport entryway working carefully. Much obliged to you folks. Incredible Job!

Garage Door Repair

What We Offer for Garage Repairs

Garage Pros in Calgary is pleased to offer our clients several professional services including:

  • Maintenance of garage doors and garage door openers
  • Repairs and replacement of damaged doors and parts
  • Repairs for “off the track” doors
  • Removal services for old garage doors and installation of new garage doors
  • Repair and replacement services for broken cables, panels, and springs
  • And much more!

So, get in touch with us now.



High Quality Service Across Calgary. Call Us Today To Know More.