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Marine Varnish

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Marine Varnish

After some time enjoying your yacht sailing, walking or fishing, it is possible that you notice that the surfaces of the boat on the deck or inside begin to deteriorate. The shine and the perfect finish start to lose that luxurious aspect that you like so much.

At this point, you realize that it is time to do proper maintenance to your boat to look like new again. The best way to return your boat that first-class finish is to varnish it. It is essential that you know the primary options of marine varnish available in the market, to let you choose the right one.

Which Is the Ideal Varnish for Marine Use?

For the coating of boats, you will find different types of varnish on the market. First of all, there are polyurethane varnishes. These are formulated based on a chemical curing system. This system allows a highly abrasion resistant finish.

Also, you will find so-called modified oil varnishes. A wide range of natural oils is used to make them. This combination allows for excellent resistance to water and prevents cracking. All this is achieved thanks to the facility of the substance to penetrate the surfaces where they are applied.

Finally, there are the alkyd-based varnishes. They have a similar structure to oil-based enamels, but polyurethanes are added to improve water resistance and curing time. This is the most recommended option for marine use, as it is a product with high strength to extreme conditions.

The cured coat of the alkyd varnishes is more resistant than the other options. Also, you have the advantage that its UV protection is much higher, which will allow you to enjoy an excellent finish for much longer. Another significant benefit of this type of varnish is that its flexibility will let you use it on almost any surface of the yacht, either indoors or outdoors.

How Long Does Varnish Last?

The life of this type of coating depends on the conditions to which the boat is subjected. The three main factors for varnish wear are:

  1. Atmosphere: the elements are the factors that most influence the duration of the varnish. When the boat is not in use, storing it in areas of high humidity or exposure to the sun will shorten the life of the coating.
  2. Rust: after a while, the contact of the surface with oxygen will make an oxide reaction. This can cause water to penetrate the wood, causing cracking or lamination. It is essential that you periodically inspect the surfaces and perform maintenance.
  3. Exposure to chemicals: Any product containing solvents will help the coating to wear out. It is best to avoid contact with these substances. For maintenance, is best to use biodegradable or low-impact products to reduce the harmful effects, and allow surfaces to maintain their beautiful finish for longer.

Fine Paints of Europe is Your Best Choice

If you want to protect your yacht with the best marine varnish, we have it for you. Our alkyd base coating will allow you to enjoy a beautiful finish on the surfaces of your yacht. Take care of your investment with a product made to the highest standards of Dutch technology. Visit our e-shop or contact our extensive network of retailers; you will be more than satisfied.

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